Rainbows Child Grief Support

Rainbows is a registered 13-week grief and loss program for children and teens, 5-15 years old, who have experienced a painful transition from death, divorce, separation, abandonment, or neglect.  It focuses on peer support through the grieving process and growing after a loss.  Compassionate listeners meet the participants where they are with no judgment.

While the children are participating in their program, we invite the parents and caretakers to sit together with a facilitator to talk about how these transitions have affected them. The adult group will run concurrently with Rainbows in the Quiet Room of the Solace Center.

The program starts at the beginning of September and January; there is no fee for this program. 

Additional information about Rainbows:

Rainbows is an international, non-profit organization that offers training and program materials for establishing peer support groups in schools, churches, hospitals, social service agencies, etc.  The curricula are designed to assist children, adolescents and adults who are grieving a death, divorce or any other painful transition in their family.


What themes are covered in the 13 weeks?

Self-identity and knowing each child/teen is unique, feelings, what is the new family unit, death, divorce, anger, hurts, fears & worries, guilt, love, building trust, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, and reaching out to others.


How does Rainbows differ from a counselling or therapy program?

Rainbows is a peer support group that is not counselling or therapy.  Trained volunteer facilitators lead groups.  The children are placed into small groups of five to seven with children their own age. The sessions involve various crafts, games, and journaling with the conversation centered around grief and emotions.

If you are interested in joining one of our programs or are looking for more information, please call (250) 563-2551, email info@hospiceprincegeorge.ca, or stop by the Hospice Society Office at 1506 Ferry Avenue. We also have a variety of pamphlets and case notes available regarding the grieving process, free of charge.

The Prince George Hospice Society does not provide counseling services; we have a team of highly trained and experienced grief support workers. However, they are not certified, counselors.