Colour Walk with Hospice

We regret that due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Colour Walk is cancelled.

During the Colour Walk, people walk a loop at UNBC and have coloured powder thrown as they walk the loop. The premise is to have people share memories of loved ones who have passed and celebrate lives lived. The event also has a celebration space that included a bouncy castle, petting zoo, BBQ, and much more; the Colour Walk is a true family event. Walk as an individual, family or team for a loop or two in memory of a loved one to support Hospice.

Remember, the dye is a non-toxic mixture of cornstarch and colouring that may not wash off 100%, so don’t wear your best whites!

This gentle, family-oriented walk is stroller and wheelchair friendly. The revenue from the event goes towards our Community Programs such as Rainbows, adult grief programs, and our Community Match Program. Over 300 people turned up last year for our inaugural walk in teams, families or as individuals.